Argo float data hosting

CLS Hosting Service for RUDICS Floats

CLS is the only Iridium VAR that offers a dedicated hosting service for floats using Iridium RUDICS communications, allowing users to easily and securely manage their communications with the floats. CLS takes responsibility for data security, storing it in our processing center which benefits from active redundancy. Downloading data files and uploading mission files is easily carried out via SFTP.

Argo float data hosting by CLS

This service is managed by CLS data processing center, monitored 24/7, with active redundancy on 2 separate backup processing centers, to ensure a maximal efficiency and data safety.

  • No need to open a RUDICS account (saves 2200 EUR)
  • Advice from our experts to help you set up your service
  • 100% compatible with all types of floats
  • Maintenance-free (backup, software & hardware upgrades, internet connection, etc.)
  • No need to develop an interface to handle communications & data files
  • Error-proof: permanent automatic archiving of all files
  • Maximum safety: server monitored and 24/7 back-up; 4 independent internet providers at CLS; Backup power generator
  • Quick activation of the service (vs. up to 2 weeks to register a RUDICS account)
  • CSD line for backup data calls
  • Easy access to data through SFTP accounts
  • CLS dedicated & expert customer support
  • Detailed user’s guide provided
schema Argo data hosting service

The solution relies on CLS’ expertise with Iridium RUDICS communication and satellite systems, and on our long-lasting collaboration with the scientific community and float manufacturers. CLS hosts data more than 350 Argo floats from the organizations listed in our references below.