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ARTIC (R2) Chipset by AnSem

The ARTIC (Argos Receiver Transmitter with Integrated Control) is an integrated low-power small-size ARGOS 2/3/4 single-chip radio. ARTIC-R2 implements a message-based wireless interface. For satellite uplink communication, ARTIC will encode, modulate and transmit provided user messages. For downlink communication, ARTIC will lock to the downstream, demodulate and decode it and extract the satellite messages.

The ARTIC-R2 is an integrated low power small size ARGOS 2/3/4 single chip radio. ARTIC-R2 implements a message based wireless interface. For satellite uplink communication, ARTIC-R2 will encode, modulate and transmit provided user messages. For downlink communication, ARTIC-R2 will lock to the downstream, demodulate and decode it and extract the satellite messages.

The ARTIC-R2 can transmit signals in frequency bands around 400MHz and receive signals in the bands around 466MHz, in accordance with the ARGOS satellite system specifications. The ARTIC-R2 is compliant to all ARGOS 3 and ARGOS 4 RX and TX standards. It contains a RF transceiver and frequency synthesizer and a digital baseband modem. The ARTIC-R2 contains an on-chip power amplifier delivering 1mW [0dBm] output power, that serves as an output for connecting an external high efficient PA. The (de)modulation algorithms run on an on-chip DSP. This software approach allows for retargeting the ARTIC for other applications. The DSP program can be retained on an external flash or the MCU.

Internal power management is autonomously handled by ARTIC-R2 in order to optimize its current consumption. The ARTIC-R2 can communicate with an external micro-controller using a standard SPI interface. The ARTIC-R2 is a 7mm x 7mm, 48-lead QFN package.

schema chipset
  • Serial interface (SPI) for communication with MCU
  • Programmable DSP core on board to ensure flexibility
  • RX frequency : 466MHz – TX frequency: 400MHz
  • Fractional N frequency synthesis
  • Supported TX standards:
    • QPSK: PTT-A3, PTT-ZE (ARGOS 3)
  • Supported RX standards:
    • BPSK: PMT-A3 (ARGOS 3)
    • DSSS OQPSK: PMT-A4 (ARGOS 4) not available
  • Dedicated flash Interface to retain Firmware
  • Support COSPAS-SARSAT standard
  • Operates on external 26MHz reference clock
  • Dual supply, 1.8V and 3.3V
  • Integrated PA (0dBm) to combine with external PA
artic spec

CLS and the Arribada-Initiative are proud to announce the release of a new Reference Design by Icoteq, Ltd. for building your own Argos transmitter with the ARTIC R2 chipset, available from CLS France and the Woods Hole Group.

Argos satellite transmitter design accessible for all

This reference design is open-sourced and contains all that is needed for accessing the Argos Satellite System, the best low power global Satellite System. The reference design allows you to simply plug and play into your own board (via a PicoBlade connector, pictured above) or embed the design on to your own PCB in order to miniaturize the tag/system that you are developing.

The open-sourced reference design and package is available on request to the CLS Telemetry Team.


The package includes:


  • Satellite Board Schematics (PDF)



  • Satellite Board BOM (Excel file)

Reference design


  • Satellite Board Assembly Drawings (PDF)


  • Satellite Board PCB 3D Print TOP (PDF)

Arribada Initiative, Icoteq

Argos certification is mandatory for any reproduction of this design.