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KIM1 Shield (PC – ArduinoUno – STM32Nucleo)

KIM1 shield is designed to make integration of the KIM1 module much easier.

The Kim1 Shield is specifically designed to integrate the Kim1 by Kinéis to the Arduino open-source development platform. Its dimensions are 8.5cm x 5.56cm x 1.8cm and is stackable on the Arduino Uno board or STM32Nucleo board.

An application software is provided with the KIM-1Beta interface board and all necessary documentation to help you configure the device.

The application software allows you to

  • Read the settings
  • Read the information
  • SB communication
  • Logger
  • Tx Settings
  • Transmit orders
  • Transmission segments with satellite prediction pass

The Kim1 Shield is composed of different parts described in the figure below:

Antenna connector:
The antenna is connected through a 50-ohm female SMA connector, and thus needs to be matched at 50 ohms at the desired transmission frequency.

The Kim1 shield may be stacked on the Arduino Uno board or on the STM32 Nucleo board, or operated on its own as an interface board with a PC connection.
When stacked on the Arduino Uno or STM32 Nucleo board, it can benefit from the following features:

• 5V power supply
• MCU (Microcontroller Unit) with open-source software platform

The configurations below are thus possible:

Hardware Description: