ARGOS Products



Monitoring moored buoys, tracking currents or oil slicks is an easy job with the Argos-GPS MAR-GE/T tracker. Compact and flexible, with its integrated GPS data logger, this equipment can report up to 96 accurate positions daily. Robust and very easy to install, the device offers a long autonomy and simple maintenance.

linkit series

Linkit® Series

Autonomous platforms measuring the ocean are increasingly complex, expensive, and fragile. By developing the Linkit® series, a range of universal satellite trackers that are both affordable & easy to use, CLS provides you with more security for your equipment and ensures you get more from your ocean network.

ARGOS Backup Tracking

Backup tracking

Autonomous platforms measuring the ocean are increasingly complex, expensive, and fragile. There is a real need for a backup tracking system on these instruments that need to be safe at all times.  Trackers needs to be robust, small, autonomous, self-contained, highly water resistant, and power efficient: ARGOS trackers fit that role perfectly! 

Subsurface Monitoring Beacons

Subsurface Monitoring Beacons

ARGOS has been used for over 20 years to track moored equipment when it surfaces, thanks to dedicated Underwater Moorings Trackers. These specific, highly resistant beacons can remain underwater for more than 10 years, at depth down to 11.000 m, and become active when they reach the surface, to ensure an efficient recovery of the equipment that they were attached to. A wide choice of subsurface monitoring beacons exist, with different depth ratings & options. They are compatible with the Argos platform finder, to ensure efficient recovery. 

The Argos SILENT dedicated Monitoring Service has been designed to fit these trackers. 


Wildlife Tracking

By combining the data acquired with their location, Argos enables biologists and scientists around the world to improve their understanding of animal behavior, such as their movements, foraging strategies, reproduction and the way they adapt to their surrounding environment.