ARGOS Products

Stand-Alone ARGOS Backup Trackers

Most gliders, USVs, AUVs, etc. and an increasing number of moored buoys come with an ARGOS tracker as a backup. Several trackers options exist, with varied manufacturers. Please contact us to find the best suited tracker for your application : different shapes, sizes, attachment options, depth ratings, etc…

ARGOS trackers will have the following capabilities :  

  •  100%  independent and autonomous tracking system, in case of failure with the primary comms (iridium/HF/GPRS, etc.) or power system 
  • 2000+ m depth rating if needed 
  • ARGOS positions are automatically sent to the end-user through the ARGOS satellite system 
  • Dry/wet sensor allow to save battery for underwater platforms (gliders, AUV) 
  • GPS and/or ARGOS positioning system is used   
  • The ARGOS Goniometer can be used to quickly recover the equipment on the field  
  • Positions are automatically relayed to the end-user through the ARGOSWEB portal and can be pushed to email, FTP, or relayed through webservices 
  • Email or SMS  alerts can be set up in case of tracker emerging,  or if the position is outside a defined area (Geofencing) 

The perfect combination : the ARGOS Goniometer

The main advantage of having an ARGOS tracker is the possibility to use the ARGOS platform finder (also called Goniometer or RXG-134) that has an extensive track record of saving expensive platforms lives.