IRIDIUM® Products

Iridium Modem Certus 9770

Certus™ 9770

The Iridium Certus™ 9770 transceiver is an Iridium® core technology component providing low-latency and weather resilient connectivity using the Iridium’s global satellite constellation’s unique Low-Earth Orbit architecture of 66 cross-linked satellites.

Iridium 9602N


The Iridium 9602N is a SBD unit designed for embedded applications and is ideal for machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions.

Iridium 9603N


The Iridium 9603N is the world’s smallest commercially available two-way satellite data transceiver, designed for applications where space is at a premium and communication is critical.

Iridium Core 9523

Core 9523N

Iridium Core 9523N is Iridium’s smallest, lightest and most advanced voice and data satellite transceiver module ever. It o­ffers new opportunities to integrate Iridium directly on printed circuit boards (PCB).

9523N Developer Kit

The Iridium Push-to-Talk Integrator Development Kit allows developers to quickly and easily incorporate the Iridium Push-to-Talk Service into powerful solutions.

iridium 9603N Development Kit

9603N Developer Kit

The Iridium 9603N Developer’s Kit provides everything required to develop innovative tracking solutions using the world’s smallest form factor satellite transceiver. Designed for applications where space is at a premium, the Iridium 9603N Developer’s Kit provides a comprehensive, highly affordable platform for integration into your application.

SIM card Iridium

SIM Card

CLS provides Iridium SIM cards anywhere in the World, for all applications, in order to activate the RUDICS, CSD, PILOT, VOICE or GO! services.
Using CLS IRIDIUM SIM cards is the best way to get the highest service quality, with a 100% dedicated highly experienced customer support.